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Extensive Filter Range for each System

Each of our Systems offers complete creative control with a wide range of filters including standard and graduated neutral density filters, a polariser and the Little, Big & Super Stopper.

Seven5 System

Versatile and lightweight, the Seven5 System is the ultimate take-everywhere filter set-up for the Compact System Camera user.

LEE100 System

A filter set-up that is suitable for every photographic eventuality, and works with DSLRs, medium and large-format cameras.

SW150 Mark II Filter System

An all new design fits an ever expanding range of ultra-wideangle lenses. Full range of filters including Polariser and Big Stopper.

Brochures and Information

Seven5 Micro Filter System

A detailed guide to the LEE Seven5 Micro Filter System. Explains how to get started quickly and then goes on to show how to make the most of the creative opportunities of various Seven5 filters.

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LEE100 Filter System

This is an informative guide to all the hardware and filters that make up the LEE100 System. Learn how the new Holder makes using filters quicker and more intuitive, plus explore the creative possibilities offered by the extensive range of 100mm filters.

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SW150 Mark II Filter System

An inspirational guide to the LEE SW150 Mark II Filter System. Explains how the new adaptor rings works with the lenses they are designed for.

Also features the Lightshield and SW150 Screw-In Adaptors – opening up the system to lenses other than ultra-wideangles. Plus a complete guide to SW150 filters and how to make the most of them.

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LEE Filters Quick Start Videos

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