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A new standard in neutral density filters for cinematography.

Precise Neutrality

Our ProGlass Cine range of neutral-density filters has been designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers — whether shooting digitally or on film.

They are remarkably neutral, eliminating infrared pollution and ensuring all colours remain absolutely accurate and true. This simplifies workflow, saves time and enables cinematographers to focus on their creative goals.

The main advantage of these filters is their neutrality, especially when using 4 stops (1.2ND) or above.

When I use other IR ND filters I normally have to compensate for a colour shift in the grade, but with these I haven’t seen any noticeable colour shift. They are by far the best front of camera ND filters I have used. John Lee — Director of Photography

Designed for Durability

Manufactured from 4mm-thick, optically flat, scratch-resistant glass, and edged with a metal rim, ProGlass Cine filters not only prevent focus shift, they are also durable and long lasting.

The ProGlass Cine range has been endorsed at the highest level in the movie industry and have been used successfully on a number of major feature films and TV dramas.

I recently used these ND filters on a television project shooting with Arri Alexa XT cameras, they performed beautifully.

The true colour rendition was spot on throughout the range, making the grading process easier when using multiple cameras. The several filter sets I used matched exactly on ND level and IR cut, also the high quality and robust construction make them a perfect tool for digital cinematography. Andy McDonnell — Director of Photography

Available in Two Sizes and Seven Densities

4" x 5.65"

6.6" x 6.6"

  • 0.3 ND

    1 Stop

  • 0.6 ND

    2 Stops

  • 0.9 ND

    3 Stops

  • 1.2 ND

    4 Stops

  • 1.5 ND

    5 Stops

  • 1.8 ND

    6 Stops

  • 2.1 ND

    7 Stops

John Brawley Tests LEE ProGlass Cine IRND 2.1


The 2.1 ND is a real test because at that density you generally see lot’s of variation in colour and consistency. As an extra check I’ve also shot using no filters at all. John Brawley — Director of Photography

Shot on an Alexa Mini, shooting ProRes 4444 Log C 1920.

Precise Optical Density across the Spectrum

2.1 ND - 7 Stops: uniform attenuation across the spectrum

Optical Density

Light Wavelength nm


Near IR

Visible Spectrum

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