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The LEE Filters Channel

15 Stops – Super Stopper

Eagle Eye Neutral Density Filters for DJI drone and action cameras give more natural motion and enable long-exposure stills.

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Robust, tough and compact,
the LEE Bug for GoPro expands the creative capacity of this revolutionary little camera.

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Neutral Density Filters for DJI drone & action cameras

DJI Inspire 1 Drone Camera

DJI Osmo Action Camera

Eagle Eye Logo

Eagle Eye Neutral Density (ND) Filters expand the creative possibilities of the Zenmuse X3 camera used on the DJI Inspire 1 drone and DJI Osmo gimbal.

These camera's fixed apertures give photographers a limited choice of shutter speed. An Eagle Eye ND reduces the amount of light entering the camera and so lengthens the shutter speed or reduces the ISO.

More creative options. More refined motion.

The Eagle Eye Neutral Density Filters in action


The Eagle Eye Neutral Density filters give a more natural sense of motion when filming moving images and also allow the ability to shoot the kind of long-exposure stills that are usually associated with tripod-mounted photography.

More creative options. More refined motion.

Video produced by: David Newton

Available individually or as a complete ND Set

0.6ND – 2 Stop Filter

0.9ND – 3 Stop Filter

1.2ND – 4 Stop Filter

Eagle Eye ND Filter Set

ClearLEE Logo

Filter Cleaning Kit

LEE Filters ClearLEE Cleaning Kit

A dirty filter can cause areas of softness in your images – something that's nearly impossible to remove in post-production.

Much easier to avoid the issue in the first place with the Filter Cleaning Kit - ensuring your filters stay optically perfect and free of marks and smudges.

• ClearLEE Filter Wash (50ml) Specially formulated to cut through grime and fingerprints – safely and effectively.

• ClearLEE Filter Cloth A high-quality microfibre cloth.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available on request.

Also available separately



ClearLEE 300ml

Eagle Eye ND’s are lightweight and neutral

Eagle Eye ND Filter on DJI Osmo

DJI Osmo Action Camera

Eagle Eye ND Filter on DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 Drone Camera

The Eagle Eye filters are lightweight so the balance of the gimbal head is unaffected.

They are manufactured from optically correct resin and are completely neutral, so only the shutter speed is affected, not the colours of the scene being filmed.

Eagle Eye ND Filter

Eagle Eye Neutral Density Filters feature a knurled rim and deep thread enabling them to be screwed to the camera’s lens tightly and securely.

Longer shutter speeds give more fluid motion

No Filter

@ 1/640th of a second

With Eagle Eye 0.9 ND Filter

@ 1/40th of a second

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Filter Holders for GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4

The Bug 3+ holder is designed for both HERO3+ & HERO4

Capable of capturing high definition movies and still images where other cameras fear to tread, it's not surprising the GoPro has an avid following among adventure sports aficionados.

The LEE Bug for GoPro gives photographers and filmmakers even wider scope for creativity and control with a sturdy holder and a range of high quality, optically correct filters.

Action Kit

The Bug 3+ holder is designed for both HERO3+ & HERO4

Give your action films a professional look with detailed skies and saturated colour.

The 3-Stop ND Grad will add detail to the sky and prevent "whiteout" or "burnout". The filter can be left in place for pretty much all outdoor filming and the effects are plain to see.

The Polariser is especially helpful when filming on snow or water. It will reduce glare and increase contrast, saturating colour and adding a "popping" vibrancy to your films.

LEE Bug holder • 0.9 ND Grad (3 Stops) • High quality glass polariser • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth.

Professional hints:

ND Grad

When using the graduated filter, the best results will be achieved with the spot metering option turned on.


Either metering mode can be used with the polarising filter.

Underwater Kit

The Bug 3+ holder is designed for both HERO3+ & HERO4

Counteract the colour casts inherent in underwater photography.

The Blue Water filter (red) is for use in tropical or clear water - snorkelling or diving to 60 feet. The filter removes colour casts and gives more natural colours.

The Green Water filter (magenta) is for use in green freshwater or seawater. It improves colour and contrast to depths up to 60 feet or whenever underwater filming looks excessively green.

LEE Bug holder • Blue Water filter (red) • Green Water filter (magenta) • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth.

The LEE Bug Range

The Bug 3+ holder is designed for both HERO3+ & HERO4

Neutral Density Filters

LEE Bug 0.6 ND Standard0.6 ND Standard(2 stops)
LEE Bug 0.9 ND Standard0.9 ND Standard(3 stops)
LEE Bug 0.9 ND Grad0.9 ND Hard Grad(3 stops)

Colour and Light Control

LEE Bug Blue Water (Red)Blue Water(Red)
LEE Bug Green Water (Magenta)Green Water(Magenta)
LEE Bug PolariserPolariser

Bug Filter Holders for GoPro HERO

LEE Bug 3 Filter HolderLEE Bug HERO3
Filter Holder
LEE Bug 3+ Filter Holder for HERO3+ and HERO4LEE Bug HERO3+
& HERO4 Filter Holder

Every component of the LEE Bug range is available individually - making it easy to grow your collection to meet changing needs.

All filters can be used in any of the Bug filter holders, so the same filters can work with the GoPro Hero3, HERO3+ and HERO4.

How to attach the LEE Bug

Simple, step-by-step guide to getting your LEE Bug attached and ready for action.

The LEE Bug for GoPro HERO3+/HERO4 is pictured, but the process is identical with the HERO3.

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