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The LEE 100mm System

The LEE 100mm System has a couple of essential elements you'll need to use our filters, and a wide range of optional accessories that give total flexibility.

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What is the LEE System?

Filter holder Adaptor rings

At the core of the LEE Filters system is the holder, which comes assembled with two filter slots but can easily be adapted to take up to four filters.

The holder is designed to be compatible with 100mm filters – our standard width. To fit the holder to the lens, an adaptor ring is required.

There are two types of LEE Filter adaptor ring:
one for general use, and one for wide-angle lenses.

The 100mm System Overview

Joe Cornish with the LEE 100mm System

Landscape photographer Joe Cornish has been using the LEE 100mm System for 25 years. In this video he shares his experience and gives an overview of all the key hardware components and filters, demonstrating the correct way to set everything up for best results.

Filter Holder

Filters can slide up and down within the holder… and rotate

Holder Versatility

The LEE Filters holder has been designed with almost every photographic eventuality and combination in mind.

Up to four filters of different types can be used in one holder. For instance you could combine Neutral Density and Warm-up Filters to respond to a specific lighting situation. Or if you shoot black and white you might select a red filter plus a Neutral Density Standard to darken blue skies and slow down the exposure.

Crucially, once fitted to the adaptor ring, the holder can be rotated to any angle. This permits the photographer to balance the exposure even when the brightest areas fall, say, within the top left hand 'triangle' of the scene.

Which Holder?

Foundation Kit

The Foundation Kit takes standard 100mm filters, and can be constructed to take up to three filters at any one time. The Foundation Kit, like all others, clips onto the adaptor ring which, in turn, screws onto your camera's lens.

Watch The Foundation Kit Video
Single filter configuration Three filter configuration

How the holder is constructed?

  1. Fit the back cover plates to the back plate
  2. Fit the filter holder guides to the back cover plates.
    Up to four guides, or slots, can be used with one holder.
  3. Fit the front cover plates to the filter holder guides.

Professional Kit

The Professional Kit features two filter holders and a tandem adaptor to join them together. This allows independent rotation of grads, as well as the option to use more than four filters if desired.

Upgrade Kit

The Upgrade Kit contains a filter holder and a tandem adaptor and converts your foundation holder into a professional kit.

Push-on Filter Holder

The push-on filter holder has been specifically designed to fit straight to certain large format wide-angle lenses which otherwise will not take a filter system. It takes the standard 100mm filters and fits directly to lenses with an outside diameter of 100mm (filter thread often 95mm). It can be custom adapted to fit lenses or centre filters of smaller diameter, but is not generally the best option for sizes less than 86mm.

Other lens sizes

The Seven5 Micro Filter System is designed to fit compact system cameras.

The SW150 Mark II Filter System is designed to fit ultra-wideangle lenses.

LEE System Match Ad

LEE System Match

  • Select your lenses (over 500 Indexed)
  • See the Adaptor Rings you need
  • System recommendations for each lens

We have indexed over 500 lenses so you can quickly find the LEE System that's best for you.

Use our quick select menus to locate your lenses and discover which System we recommend for each lens and which Systems are compatible and not compatible. You'll also learn exactly what Adaptor Rings you'll need to get started.

LEE System Match Screenshot LEE System Match

Field Pouch

Keep 10 filters (100x150mm) close to hand when you need them

In the past keeping your filters easily accessible and safe has been challenging. Now with our sturdy Field Pouch your filters remain free of dirt and dust, but are close by when you need them.

Constructed from a tough and durable fabric that can stand up to wear and tear, the Field Pouch features a concertina design with one slot per filter (maximum of 10 filters). It's an invaluable accessory that gives photographers freedom to respond quickly to rapidly changing conditions with the right filter.

Available in black or sand.

LEE Filters Field Pouch - Black LEE Filters Field Pouch - Sand
LEE Filters Field Pouch LEE Filters Field Pouch

The Field Pouch is designed to be versatile and it comes with these three handy strap options included:

  • Tripod head
  • Over-the-shoulder strap
  • Belt-loop

Quick Start Videos

Get up to speed fast with our videos that explain the LEE Filter System and how to use it

ND Grads

Balance the exposure within a scene

Product Directory

Complete product information for filters, holders, kits, sets and accessories

Adaptor Rings

The adaptor ring screws onto the camera's lens and, in turn, the filter holder clips onto the adaptor ring.

The adaptor ring screws onto the lens with a fluid action, thanks to the sturdy construction and Aluminium screw thread.

Standard adaptor rings are available
in the following thread sizes:

49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 93, 95 and 105mm, as well as Rollei IV, and 50, 60 and 70mm bayonet fitting for Hasselblad lenses.

Wide-angle adaptor rings are available
in the following thread sizes:

49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82mm.

Special sizes can be made to order

Standard adaptor ring

The standard adaptor ring is suitable for use with lenses up to a moderate wide-angle. It sits in front of the lens's front thread. The standard adaptor ring is compatible with lens focal lengths of approximately 24-28mm (35mm SLR equivalent) and upwards.

Wide-angle adaptor ring

The wide-angle adaptor ring is suitable for use with wide-angle lenses. It differs from the standard adaptor ring by sitting closer to the front element of the camera's lens. As a result, the likelihood of vignetting is dramatically reduced.

Xposure 04 - Click to read our latest online magazine

Xposure Issue 04 Highlights

  • Commercial photographer Karl Taylor captures the (nearly) impossible.
  • Differences and similarities between the LEE 100mm, Seven5 and SW150 systems
  • Chris Prescott takes filters to the edge.
  • Composition with wildlife photographer Luke Massey.
  • Anatomy of a Seascape.

Xposure Past IssuesView previous issues

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Adaptor Ring for Canon 17mm TS-E Lens

LEE Adaptor Ring for Canon TS-E lens
LEE Adaptor Ring for Canon TS-E lens

Special adaptor ring for this ultra wide-angle tilt-and-shift lens

This new ring will adapt the Foundation kit filter holder to fit the Canon 17mm TS-E lens and will allow more than half of the total amount of movement that is normally possible with this lens before vignetting - we feel that this is adequate for most uses and using the smaller 100mm system will allow the use of popular 100mm filters such as the Big Stopper and Proglass range. You can even use the 105mm polariser if you allow for a small amount of cutoff at the corners.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, TS-E17mm f/4L
0.9ND Soft Grad + Big Stopper

Example using the TS-E Adaptor Ring

Both photos by David Newton

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, TS-E17mm f/4L
0.9ND Hard Grad + 0.6ND Soft Grad

Example using the TS-E Adaptor Ring

Seven5 System

Versatile and lightweight, the Seven5 System is the ultimate take-everywhere filter set-up for the Compact System Camera user.

Inspiring Professionals

Reimagined for tablets these new eBooks take you through stunning landscape photos and the exact filters and techniques used.

SW150 Mark II Filter System

An all new design fits an ever expanding range of ultra-wideangle lenses. Full range of filters including Polariser and Big Stopper.

Professional hints:

ND Grads on Mirrorless Cameras

Photographers using large diameter lenses on mirrorless cameras may need to use the 100mm system (as opposed to the Seven5 System designed for these cameras).

Because the sensor is smaller on these cameras the graduated part of the filter should be tighter. To achieve this with the 100mm system simply choose a harder grad than normal.

100mm System
Very Hard Grad
Hard Grad
Medium Grad
Soft Grad
equivalent to
equivalent to
equivalent to
equivalent to
Seven5 System
Hard Grad
Medium Grad
Soft Grad
ND Grads for the Seven5 System

The Seven5 System is designed for mirrorless cameras and our Neutral Density Grads for this system have tighter areas of transition than the larger-sized filters of the 100mm and SW150 Systems.

This results in a comparable effect between a 100mm Grad on a full frame camera and a Seven5 Grad on a mirrorless camera with a crop sensor.

Lens Hoods

The LEE Filters range of lens hoods can be used alone or in conjunction with filters, allowing the photographer to shade the lens and enhance their photographic composition at the same time.

Thanks to their flexibility, these hoods can be used at varying angles, so can selectively shade parts of the image, or even match the movements of a large format camera – making them a versatile addition to the photographers' kit bag.

All LEE Filters lens hoods are self-supporting – a feature unique to us. This means, quite simply, they have no need for rails or guides in order to be adjusted or maintain their structure.

As a result, they are compact and light, so don't become a hindrance to the landscape photographer who prefers to travel light.

Watch The Lens Hoods Video

The Universal Hood (USA Flag Medium Wide Hood)

Designed to suit the needs of most photographers this works as both a simple lens shade, and in conjunction with filters. It comes assembled with two filter slots, but can also be configured to take different filter combinations. It is ideal for shading wide-angle lenses on DSLR, 35mm SLR and medium format cameras.

The Wide-angle Hood

The much larger bellows that are a characteristic of the Wide-angle Hood mean it can be used in conjunction with wide or very large lenses – reducing the chances of vignetting that would arise if a standard hood were to be used.

100mm System Brochure

A useful guide to the complete LEE 100mm system. Explains how the hardware works and all the various the options available. Complete listing of filters, filters sets and accessories.

PDF downloadDownload PDF

LEE Filters Quick Start Videos

You can view all our videos with Closed Captions and Translations on our YouTube Channel LEEfiltersTV

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