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A new standard in neutral density glass filters.

Precise Neutrality

Two years in the making, the ProGlass IRND range sets a whole new standard in high quality glass neutral density filters.

These filters are remarkably neutral, with virtually no colour shift and extremely accurate stop values. And because they block both infrared and ultraviolet pollution, blacks remain pure and clean, while colours are crisp, punchy and vibrant.

Accurate Colour  Example RAW images with no post-processing

LEE 0.6 ND Medium Grad

LEE 0.6 ND Medium Grad & ProGlass IRND 4.5 (15 Stop)

The ProGlass IRND range was initially designed for the movie industry, to meet the exacting requirements of leading cinematographers.

The Cine version of the filters has been quickly adopted for use on major feature films and TV dramas, and they are widely acknowledged as the highest-quality neutral density filters available today.

This same quality is now available for photographers.

Mark Bauer demonstrates the ProGlass IRND range


LEE's new ProGlass IRND filters are quite simply the best neutral density filters I've used. Not only are the stop values absolutely bang on right up to 15 stops, but they are also completely neutral.

I've done with and without comparisons, shot with identical white balance, and the colours have been a perfect match. Added to this, the fact that there is no infra-red pollution means that colours are vibrant and punchy – not something you always get, especially with higher-density filters.

It should be no surprise that these filters now have a permanent place in my kit bag. Mark Bauer — Landscape Photographer

Mark Bauer

Full range from subtle alterations to ultra-long exposures

ProGlass IRND filters are made from durable 2mm thick glass

  • 2 Stops 0.6ND
  • 3 Stops 0.9ND
  • 4 Stops 1.2ND
  • 6 Stops 1.8ND
  • 10 Stops 3.0ND
  • 15 Stops 4.5ND

ProGlass IRND available for LEE100 & SW150 Systems

LEE100 System Logo

100 x 100mm

LEE SW150 System Logo

150 x 150mm

How to clean and store your filters


ClearLEE Filter Wash & Cloth


Filter and System Pouches

Angela Nicholson, Reviews Editor at Camera Jabber, takes a look at our ClearLEE range - designed especially to ensure your filters stay optically perfect and free of marks and smudges.

She also demonstrates our Filter and System Pouches and shows how she keeps everything organised and ready to go when you need it.

Ponte di Rialto – Venice

ProGlass IRND 3.0 (10 Stop) & LEE 0.9 ND Soft Grad

ND filters can add mood to an image; from a sense of energy & dynamism to a feeling of peace & tranquillity.

Having recently used LEE's ProGlass IRND filters I was very impressed - by their clarity (blacks remain punchy) and their accuracy (the stop values were spot on so no estimating exposure). Steve Gosling — Landscape Photographer

Steve Gosling

ProGlass IRND filter for adjusted exposure

LEE Filters ProGlass IRND Exposure Guide App

Dial in your metered exposure

ProGlass IRND Logo

Exposure Guide and Timer

We've produced this new app to accompany the ProGlass IRND range, making it easy to calculate the precise exposure when using any of the filters, or when combining filters.

Also includes a countdown timer that's particularly handy for long and ultra-long exposures.

Free download for iPhone/iPad and Android.

LEE ProGlass IRND App Get it on Google Play

I have been very impressed with the new LEE ProGlass IRND filters. They have a very accurate colour rendition which means what you see on the back of the camera is what you get, so less playing around in post-production. The given exposure is also spot on, if it says ten stops it is ten stops.

However, for me as a landscape photographer, it is the evenness of the exposure across the filter that is superb. Extreme wide-angle lenses tend to exaggerate any fall-off in light toward the corners when using ordinary filters but the LEE ProGlass IRND series are incredibly even, with a noticeable lack of vignetting and darkening toward the edges and corners.

A superb range of high quality filters for the landscape and architectural photographer. Jeremy Walker — Landscape Photographer

Jeremy Walker

Designed for Durability

Manufactured from 2mm-thick, optically flat glass. ProGlass IRND filters not only prevent focus shift, they are also durable and long lasting.

The Right Stuff

We select the right filter substrate for the right results.

Learn when & why we select Resin or Glass

Jonathan Chritchley with LEE Big Stopper (Glass)

Joe Cornish with LEE ND Grad (Resin)

Accurate Colour  Example RAW images with no post-processing

LEE 0.6 ND Hard Grad

LEE 0.6 ND Hard Grad & ProGlass IRND 3.0 (10 Stop)

Precise Optical Density across the Spectrum

3.0 ND (10 Stop): uniform attenuation across the spectrum

Optical Density

Light Wavelength nm


Near IR

Visible Spectrum

LEE Filters Quick Start Videos

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