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New to the world of filters and holders? Here's a quick overview of what you can achieve and what you need to get started.

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What does a LEE filter do?

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Without Filters

With LEE Neutral Density Grads & Real Blue Grad

Without Filters

With LEE Big Stopper and Neutral Density Grad

Without Filters

With LEE Polariser

Without Filters

With LEE Coral Grad and Neutral Density Grad

“Why I use Filters” - Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish with the LEE 100mm System

Acclaimed landscape photographer Joe Cornish explains how filters first revolutionised his photography with this skyline of New York City and the reasons they are an integral part of his practice today.

Filter Systems for a Wide Range of Cameras

LEE Filters 75mm System

Seven5 Micro Filter System
(75mm Filters)

For the first time the creative power of LEE Filters are available with the flexibility of go-anywhere compact system cameras. The Seven5 System hands photographers control of their images when it really matters - at the moment of capture.

Comprising a lightweight, precision engineered filter holder, the Seven5 System is compatible with LEE's 75x90mm filter range - which includes a Polariser, Neutral Density Filters and now the Big Stopper.

LEE Filters System

100mm Filter System
(100mm Filters)

Designed with just about every photographic combination in mind the 100mm system can be configured to hold up to four 100mm filters (our standard width) for unparalleled creative freedom.

We have a broad range of adaptor rings which enable you to use this system with an enormous range of lenses, and we can even make custom sizes if necessary.

LEE Filters SW-150 Mark II Filter Holder

SW150 Mark II Filter System
(150mm Filters)

The SW150 Mark II Filter Holder has been designed specifically to fit ultra-wideangle lenses.

The design of the SW150 Mark II has been adapted from its predecessor and is now not only compatible with LEE’s range of SW150 neutral density graduated and standard filters, but also the new SW150 polariser and Little and Big Stoppers.

Due to the size of the front element of ultra-wideangle lenses, these filters are larger than those in the standard 100mm range.

Take a walk (run, ride, ski, dive...) on the wild side with the tough and compact LEE Bug filter system for GoPro.

The LEE Bug System More info

GoPro® is a trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Xposure 04 - Click to read our latest online magazine

Xposure Issue 04 Highlights

  • Commercial photographer Karl Taylor captures the (nearly) impossible.
  • Differences and similarities between the LEE 100mm, Seven5 and SW150 systems
  • Chris Prescott takes filters to the edge.
  • Composition with wildlife photographer Luke Massey.
  • Anatomy of a Seascape.

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The 100mm System in Action

Jpe Cornish with the LEE 100mm System

Landscape photographer Joe Cornish has been using LEE filters for over 20 years and in this video he explains the fundamentals of the 100mm system. Joe shows how the adaptor ring, filter holder and filters work together and gives tips to get the most out of them.

Enhance Your Images

Hand Held Seven5 System

Think filters are the sole preserve of the landscape photographer? Think again.

They are just as relevant to a gritty urban scene as they are to a beautiful seascape. With our latest Seven5 Micro Filter System for compact system cameras you can use our filters wherever your imagination takes you.

A quick turn of a Polariser and your blue sky takes on an appealing intensity. Use a Neutral Density Grad to reduce contrast between sky and foreground. Or if you shoot in Black and White slip in a yellow, orange or red filter to boost contrast.

Seven5 System with Big Stopper

You can even use the Big Stopper to extend your exposure by ten stops (ensure your camera is braced on a stable surface or mini tripod).

What does this mean for the photographer? Less time in front of the computer - more time making pictures.

Take control of your photographs.

Filters for a Wide Range of Situations

The Masters of Photography - Colin Prior

First in a new video series presenting Master Photographers discussing three images that have special meaning for them.

In this episode Landscape Photographer Colin Prior talks with Xposure Editor Ailsa McWhinnie. The inspirational landscape images he picks are from different corners of the globe, each marking a different point in his career.

You can view all our videos with Closed Captions and Translations (beta) on our YouTube Channel LEEfiltersTV

Why LEE Filters?

Joe Cornish

Photo: Joe Cornish

Our reputation has been built on the fact that every filter that leaves the factory has been individually handmade and inspected by one of our technicians, who ensure it meets our exacting standards.

Anything that will compromise picture quality is simply not an option.

Seven5 Starter Kit

LEE Filters Digital Starter Kit

* Adaptor Ring not included

This is the simplest way to get started if you enjoy the portability of a compact system camera.*

  • .Assembled lightweight, precision engineered filter holder
    for compact system cameras
  • .0.6 ND Hard Grad filter

100mm Starter Kit for Digital Photography

LEE Filters Digital Starter Kit

* Adaptor Ring not included

If you’re new to the LEE Filters system,
this is what you’ll need to set you on your way.*

  • .Assembled filter holder
  • .ProGlass 0.6 standard ND filter
    specifically designed for digital photography
  • .0.6 ND Hard Grad
  • .Cleaning cloth
  • .Triple pouch

100mm Starter Kit for Film Photography

LEE Filters Film Starter Kit

* Adaptor Ring not included

The starter kit for film photography contains everything you need to get going.*

  • .Assembled filter holder
  • .0.6 ND Hard Grad
  • .Coral 3 Hard Grad
  • .Cleaning cloth
  • .Triple pouch

Neutral Density Graduated Filters (ND Grads)

LEE ND Grad Filters

Our range of Neutral Density Graduated Filters are used to balance the exposure within a scene – typically between the bright sky and considerably darker land.

They are handmade to the most exacting standards which ensures each and every one is true to its name: totally neutral with a smooth gradation that lets you control exposure without impacting colour balance.

Watch the ND Grads Video More info
Joe Cornish
Joe Cornish

Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland, England

Without filtration the sky would have been almost 3 stops brighter than the foreground - that's almost white! Using two ND Grads allowed precise control of tonal divisions.

Joe Cornish Filter Diagram


LEE Filters Polariser

A Polariser will increase colour saturation and remove potentially distracting reflections from nonmetallic surfaces such as glass and water.

When photographing skies, the Polariser will increase saturation and reduce glare.

The strength of the polarised effect depends on the rotation of the polarising filter.

Watch the Polariser Video More info
LEE Polariser Filter Example
Jeremy Walker

Portland Bill, Dorset, England

With the clouds echoing the waves I needed to control the exposure between the sky and the foreground and so here I've used just a 0.3 ND Grad with the hard edge placed to the base of the lighthouse. Then to really give the colours in the shot a boost and to maximise the contrast between the sky and clouds I've used a Circular Polariser.

Jeremy Walker Filter Diagram

Big Stopper & Little Stopper

LEE Big Stopper and LEE Little Stopper

The Big Stopper & Little Stopper are long exposure filters that reduce the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops or six stops respectively (their names refer to this stopping power and not their physical size).

This reduction in light allows slower shutter speeds or wider lens apertures and the opportunity to create incredible images.

By greatly extending exposure times the Big Stopper (bottom) has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example, clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea.

At six stops, the Little Stopper (top) is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day when the Big Stopper's ten stops may prove too much.

Watch the Big Stopper Video More info

Without a filter

Without a Big Stopper

With a LEE Big Stopper

With a Big Stopper

Without a filter

Without a Little Stopper

With a LEE Little Stopper

With a Little Stopper

Coral Set

3 pale to mid-tone Coral Grads to add warmth

Landscape Set

3 filters designed for urban & rural landscapes

Autumn Tint Set

3 filters to accentuate golds, reds and browns

Sky Set

3 filters to enhance the colours in the sky

Sunrise Set

3 bright, warm colours for dawn or sunrise

Black & White Set

Yellow, green and red for our Seven5 System

Foundation Kit

The Foundation Kit takes standard 100mm filters, and can be constructed to take up to three filters at any one time.

The Foundation Kit clips onto the adaptor ring which, in turn, screws onto your camera's lens.

Single filter configuration Three filter configuration

Seven5 ND Filter Sets

ND filter sets focused on either Out of Town, Seascape or Urban environments. Two appropriate ND Grads plus the Big Stopper.

Product Directory

Complete product information and listings for all LEE filters, holders, kits, sets and accessories.

Inspiring Professionals

Reimagined for tablets these new eBooks take you through stunning landscape photos and the exact filters and techniques used.

The System

  • Adaptor Ring

    screws onto camera lens

  • Filter Holder

    attaches to the adaptor ring

  • LEE Filter

    slides into the filter holder

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LEE Filters Quick Start Videos

You can view all our videos with Closed Captions and Translations (beta) on our YouTube Channel LEEfiltersTV

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