A variety of information and resources to help you get the most from your LEE Filters.

Recent Flickr Group Submissions

LEExposure 09 - Read our latest online magazine

LEExposure Issue 09 Highlights

  • Rachael Talibart explains why the moods and vagaries of the sea are important to her photography
  • What's new with the LEE100 Holder
  • Composition Masterclass with Verity Milligan
  • The Gallery - our showcase of fine photography
  • Anatomy of an autumn image
  • YourView - Your work critiqued by a professional
  • Mark Cornick explains the beauty of a deliberately blurred image

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LEExposure 08 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 08 Highlights

  • Find out what caused Lee Pengelly's crisis of confidence and how he turned things around
  • Jeremy Walker examines the Mist Filter
  • The Gallery - our showcase of fine photography
  • Anatomy of a Super Wide image
  • Ben Eaton-Williams - Living the dream on Skye
  • Composition Masterclass - Steve Gosling in New York
  • YourView - The best of your work critiqued by a professional

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LEExposure 07 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 07 Highlights

  • Jake Hicks discusses his stylised, colourful work
  • How the new ProGlass IRND range made the jump from film and TV to stills photography
  • Tom Heaton - Riding the YouTube revolution
  • Composition Masterclass - creative abstracts with Doug Chinnery
  • Anatomy of a Storm - Capturing all the drama
  • New: YourView - the best of your work critiqued by a professional

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LEExposure 06 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 06 Highlights

  • Anthony Spencer discusses his journey to become a full-time landscape photographer
  • Adam Duckworth's Composition Masterclass looks at shooting a commission for a magazine
  • Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • LEE Filters Rio Workshop with Jeremy Walker
  • Showstoppers – choosing the right long exposure filter
  • Anatomy of an Architectural Image

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LEExposure 05 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 05 Highlights

  • Joe Cornish talks about influences, inspiration and his latest book, 'This Land'.
  • Sarah Hatton explains the thrill of the world's most remote places, and why only the widest lenses will do.
  • A LEE Workshop - in the snow.
  • Fashion & Portrait compositions with David Kai-Piper
  • Anatomy of a Minimalist Image.

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LEExposure 04 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 04 Highlights

  • Commercial photographer Karl Taylor captures the (nearly) impossible.
  • Differences and similarities between the LEE 100mm, Seven5 and SW150 systems
  • Chris Prescott takes filters to the edge.
  • Composition with wildlife photographer Luke Massey.
  • Anatomy of a Seascape.

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LEExposure 03 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 03 Highlights

  • The subtle and ethereal infrared landscape photography of Paul Gallagher.
  • Getting the most from a Polariser.
  • Composition masterclass in the Lake District with Mark Gilligan.
  • Filter know-how with 5 professionals.
  • Interview with travel photographer Kimberley Coole.

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LEExposure 02 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 02 Highlights

  • David Noton explains his new strategy after seismic changes in stock photography.
  • Long exposure workshop with Steve Gosling.
  • Sarah Alsayegh's "rooftopper" view from the top of Kuwait's skyscrapers.
  • Get close-up with David Ward in his Composition Masterclass.

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LEExposure 01 - Click to read

LEExposure Issue 01 Highlights

  • Influential photographer Colin Prior in the isolated and epic landscape of the Karakoram.
  • Craig Roberts goes urban and gets inspired.
  • Anatomy of a Landscape - three top photographers take apart their shots.
  • Composition Masterclass with Jonathan Chritchley.
  • And plenty more to whet your photographic appetite.

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Masters of Photography

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Interactive eBooks for iPad

Inspiring Professionals

Inspiring Professionals is an informative and entertaining guide to using camera filters in landscape photography. Learn how professionals use them to subtly control light and be inspired by how you can extend the creative possibilities of a scene.

This digital version of our classic book has been redesigned from the ground up for the screen.

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Inspiring Professionals 2

This is a collaboration with some of the UK’s most highly respected photographers that explores in detail how they use filters in landscape photography.

It also features a number of technical articles on topics as diverse as understanding colour, stitched panoramas and unconventional uses of an ND grad.

This digital version is especially designed for the screen.

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In Conversation with David Noton and Joe Cornish

Brochures and Information

The System Range

A useful overview of the three LEE Filters Systems. Each has been designed with a different user in mind, and each has specific benefits depending on your camera, lenses, and shooting style.

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LEE100 Filter System

This is an informative guide to all the hardware and filters that make up the LEE100 System. Learn how the new Holder makes using filters quicker and more intuitive, plus explore the creative possibilities offered by the extensive range of 100mm filters.

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SW150 Mark II Filter System

An inspirational guide to the LEE SW150 Mark II Filter System. Explains how the new adaptor rings works with the lenses they are designed for.

Also features the Lightshield and SW150 Screw-In Adaptors – opening up the system to lenses other than ultra-wideangles. Plus a complete guide to SW150 filters and how to make the most of them.

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Inspiring Professionals Hardback Book

Whether you shoot film or digital, 'Inspiring Professionals' is the only guide to using filters you'll ever need. With contributions from professionals at the top of their field, the 132-page hardback book features inspiring photography and numerous hints and tips.

The book is available direct from LEE Filters or through photographic dealers.

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Inspiring Professionals 2 Hardback Book

Continuing where the first book left off, Inspiring Professionals 2 is beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated with photographs that demonstrate the creative potential of filters. Contributing photographers demonstrate how the use of one or more filters can help replicate what they see in front of them.

The book is available direct from LEE Filters or through photographic dealers.

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LEE Filters Quick Start Videos

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With Thanks To These Professionals

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish is a landscape photographer based in North Yorkshire. He has worked freelance for the National Trust Photo Library since 1989, and is renowned for his coastal work. He writes regular columns in national photography magazines, gives lectures and workshops internationally, and has his own publishing company and two photography galleries in North Yorkshire.

David Noton

David Noton is an award winning landscape and travel photographer with over 24 years' experience as a professional under his belt.

During his photographic career David has travelled to just about every corner of the Globe, with the exception of Antarctica – which apparently is on the list.

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher has been a fine art black and white photographer for over twenty years, dedicating his photography to Northern England and the Scottish Highlands and photographing mainly in medium and large format.

More recently he has been applying this expertise to colour and digital photography.

John Gravett

John Gravett is the photographic partner of Lakeland Photographic Holidays, based in Braithwaite in the Lake District, which he has owned with his wife Gail for eight years. He is a professional photographer with over 30 years' experience and is recognised as one of the top photographic tutors in the country, working with over 300 photographers annually.

Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is a professional photographer with many years' experience specialising in high quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design and corporate clients. A belief in 'quality is everything', a meticulous approach and a far-reaching vision and style serve Jeremy and his clients well.

David Ward

David Ward is one of Britain's most accomplished large format photographers. Over the years David has photographed everything from dogs to food to racing cars, but landscape photography has remained his passion. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on leading photography workshops for Light & Land, taking groups to places as diverse as Utah and Norway.

Mark Denton

Mark Denton is from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, but has now lived in North and East Yorkshire for nearly 15 years. He started taking photographs on a serious basis in 2000 and soon progressed to using the panoramic film camera he uses for most of his work today.

He concentrates mostly on landscape images but has also enjoyed success with his floral and architectural shots.

Tom Mackie

Tom Mackie is an accomplished landscape, travel, and architectural photographer, having established a reputation for himself both in America and here in the UK.

His books are a collaboration of images with strength, boldness and simplicity that create a visual impact that many other technique-style books lack.

Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite is now firmly established as one of the most celebrated international landscape photographers.

Over the last twenty five years, he has lectured throughout the UK, Europe and the US. He has had numerous one man exhibitions in London, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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